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About the VPRA

Mission Statement

Victoria Point is that land enclosed by Gill Street to the west, Provincial Highway 12 to the north to the extreme east end of Collins Drive, and surrounded by Lake Simcoe on three sides, specifically Shannon Bay, Grape Island Channel and Smiths Bay.

  • To provide a strong unified voice for the residents of the area on matters of interest.

  • Promote and to protect the wildlife and sensitive eco-system which dominates our neighborhood.

  • To be an active participant in community events, particularly as it relates to the history of the area and the family lifestyle of the residents.

  • To educate the public on how to live at one with nature next to the lake or the sensitive wetlands.

Our Team

Just some of the names who have taken an active role: Bergman, Boys, Burns, Carney, Chapin, Dwinnell, Fecht, Hunter, MacDonald, Metzger, Mitchell, Rasmussen, Rasta, Sanderson, Sheldon, Smith, Thib, Thomas, Wink.

Some of the sub-committees already underway:

  • Membership

  • Fund Raising

  • Communications

  • Environmental

  • “Save Orillia Wetlands and Woodlands”

  • Community Events

  • City Hall Coordination

  • Stakeholder Coordination


Community and City – Gerry Metzger

Finance – Ray Hayhurst

Secretary – Lesley Monette

Website/Communications – Don Sanderson

Environment/Save Victoria Point – Jill Rettinger


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