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Please Join the VPRA

We do not intend to be a single issue association, nor do we plan to go away when this crisis is resolved. The association will continue to serve residents in our designated area by protecting your interests today and in the future.


We want to be a vibrant part of our community, with a giant garage sale, litter cleanup and other such events, to help raise awareness and/or funds to protect our neighbourhood’s dominant natural features, the wetlands and woodlands.


Please join, have a say, and be part of this local, very worthwhile cause.  Your neighbours and all the threatened wildlife around us, will thank you.


Membership is open to all residents of Victoria Point, which is defined as that part of Orillia which is South of Hwy 12, from Gill to the Collins boat launch.

How to Join

Volunteers from our membership committee will be speaking to residents door to door.   And we will be taking memberships from 6:30pm to 7pm, at our May 20th General Meeting.


Online membership will be undertaken in the near future.  If we miss you at the door or at the general meeting please contact us via the “Keep Informed” form to your right.

Cost to Join

Membership is $20, which is good for your entire household.  Receipts will serve as your authorization to vote, (one vote per household).   Associate (non-voting) memberships are available free of charge.

Additional funds may be requested on an issue by issue basis.

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