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Letter to Mayor - identifies 4 key concerns for the Victoria Point Wetlands and Woodlands

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

1) Risk to the numerous species that use the area for migration, breeding, and year-round habitat, both during the construction phase and afterwards. While this concern extends to all wildlife in the area, there is particular concern for two species with Threatened status, a species of Special Concern, and other At-Risk species documented in the area.

2) Risk to the wetland eco-system, including Lake Simcoe and connected bodies of water. Changes to the upland topography and land use may change or degrade the quantity and quality of water, impede the ecological functions of the wetlands, and alter or destroy fish habitat. The far-reaching implications of reduced function or destruction of wetlands has been well documented and include but are not limited to increased risk of flooding of private property and public roads, degraded water quality, and reduced biodiversity. There are public health and safety, economic, social, and environmental implications associated with these outcomes that extend across multiple jurisdictions.

3) Risk to the personal safety and quality of life of citizens of Orillia who use the area for recreational purposes due to increased traffic during and after construction.

4) Burden on the local roads that are weight restricted and not designed for heavy equipment and high traffic. There are economic implications associated with maintenance and repair of the roads, as well as environmental concerns due to increased stress to the core of the wetland area.

Letter to the Mayor and City Council from VPRA
Download PDF • 283KB

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