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Candidates asked to weigh in on Wetlands

Question: Do you support the residents of Orillia who want to protect our Provincially Significant Wetlands and who are opposed to zoning changes that would enable further development on the wetlands and woodlands on Victoria Point?

Dear Candidates

We appreciate the initiative each of you has shown in your willingness to perform the civic responsibilities that come with being a member of municipal council. We also understand that you are very busy with campaigning and daily life.

However, we, the Victoria Point Ratepayers Association, are hopeful that you will be able to take the time to answer a single question that is of utmost importance to the households of this area of the city. The question is embedded in the attached document and you may include your response, a simply yes or no, along with any other comments you would like to make, either in the document itself, or by responding in an email.

We will post responses on our webpage and use them as the basis of discussion with our neighbors. As such, we would appreciate a timely response.


Jill Rettinger

President, VPRA

VPRA Question for Candidates 2022-1
Download PDF • 441KB



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