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Candidates speak about the importance of wetlands and no interest in any bid to change zoning…

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Turtle On Log

“I support the VPRA position on the R-2 zoning, as I stated in my remarks last night” Joe Fecht Ward 1

“I stand by sustainability and preserving what is right – the natural beauty we were given and advocating on behalf of the health of our wetlands. This is instrumental to our community” Sarah Valiquette Ward 1

“I believe my answer was precise and a clear “No” to disturbing any wetland” Gord Launchbury Ward 2

“I do support the residents of Orillia who want to protect our Provincially Significant Wetland and am in strong opposition to the proposed official planning zone change for development on Victoria Point. We need to protect our Wetlands before they are all gone.  We also need to listen to the needs of the people, when over 3000 people sign a petition we need to pay attention” Mason Ainsworth Ward 3

“As I stated in my speech during the Candidates Meeting on the 30th of September, if elected I will oppose any motion to change the zoning in that area from R2. I would like to propose that we look at a long term solution to the problem.  Perhaps an outright purchase of the acreage involved or a land swap” Douglas Winterburn Ward 1

“ I am opposed to any incursion of wetlands by development. I am opposed to any development that clashes with the style and scale of the local community. I am opposed to any development where the requirement for services exceeds capacity of the site and current level of City services. It is heartening to see that all candidates are in agreement that the proposed official plan and zoning changes are inappropriate for the wetland and Victoria Point” Ted Emond Ward 1

“My short answer is “Yes” I support your efforts to protect the Victoria Point wetlands. My long answer is, as a former Lake Simcoe Region CA board member, and prior to that, LSRCA  communications consultant and communications consultant for the WWF national endangered spaces campaign, I could hardly do otherwise! You will have my support at council. Once elected I will push for Orillia to join the LSRCA as we are the only municipality in the watershed that is not a member” Jeff Holec Ward 2

“I totally support your effort to  preserve this wetland site, we must protect our natural wetlands. The environment must be protected for the wildlife and for our future generations” John Falcon Ward 2

“I have always taken issue with ANY development on our significant wetlands and green spaces.  Especially when it comes from out of town developers who are not interested in protecting our fragile environment” Karen Bhatt Ward 3

“My position has not changed since. I will fight to uphold the OMB evaluation of this site. It is zoned R2 and should not be changed to higher density just because a developer wants to make a dollar” Don Porter Ward 1

“I fully support to save the wet lands and I will do everything I can to support this cause” Mike Chatzikyriakos Ward 1

“I have previously made my opposition to development on the wetlands in public, all the way back to the last development proposal in the late 90s. I am against developing on the wetlands” John Swartz Ward 1

“As I understand the current proposal, I would be opposed to it” Jeff Clark Ward 3

“Thank you for your interest in saving wetlands in Orillia and for your very effective efforts to educate the candidates and the public about the importance of wetlands. To your question, my answer is YES” Kelly Clune Ward 4

“Yes I support you, great job!” John Cargoe Ward 3



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