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General Meeting of May 20, 2014

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The meeting covered the following:

  1. Presented the history of the association and its role in the previous attempt to develop Victoria Point.

  2. We adopted a constitution, now available on our web site.

  3. We elected a Board of Directors from a slate and nominations from the floor.

  4. We established various subcommittees that all members can volunteer for. These include; Membership, Fund Raising, Web Site, Community Events and Environmental.

  5. We listed several reasons why a Seniors Residence would be a bad idea for this site.

  6. We discussed 3 options to consider: Option 1 Support the idea that the developer sell or donate all the land to a conservancy or the city, possibly in exchange for a more suitable site in town. Preserve the land in its natural state with a focus on recreation and education. Option 2 Allow only the current zoning R2-H which permits the construction of single family homes and duplexes with very stringent environmental controls due to proximity of wetlands. Option 3 Allow the higher density re-zoning that the developer is requesting for the uplands.

  7. We held a vote by show of hands: a. Option 1 was preferred by almost everyone present as the ideal solution b. Option 2 was decided to be a compromise and the most realistic objective of our association. A mandate to pursue this option was given almost unanimously c. Option 3 received absolutely no votes from any of the more than 300 assembled residents.

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