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Mayor responds to our letter of concern

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Supportive of our position on the Victoria Point Wetlands and Woodlands

When we asked, this is what Mayor Steve Clarke said….

Sale of property and possible developmentAlthough I am unable to confirm the status of the sale of the property…I can advise, however, that at this time, the City's Planning Division has not received any application for a development project.

Importance of Wetlands and WoodlandsI certainly share your concerns with regard to the importance and ecological function of the Victoria Point wetland. However, I can assure you that compliance with stringent planning principles would need to be demonstrated prior to any development approvals.

Transparency in planning decisions party of interest - please note that Ontario's planning system has been designed in such a manner that all decisions made under the Planning Act are made in a transparent manner with opportunity provided to community and experts as you have suggested. Please be assured that City staff are aware of the VPRA and have included the Association on the list of groups and agencies to whom we would circulate any Statutory Notice of Public Meeting

Concern for MZO`s - Regarding Minister's Zoning Orders (MZOs) - I can assure you that I share your concerns with respect to the apparent increase in the use of MZOS

Concerns for any development in the Wetlands and Woodlands area - please note that the subject property is currently designated as Living Area - Stable Neighbourhood in part, and Environmental Protection in part in the City's Official Plan

Additional note from Jill Lewis (Senior Planner, City of Orillia) - As the two developable parcels of land are adjacent to an Environmental Protection Area, any proposed development other than one Single Detached Dwelling would require a Peer Reviewed Environmental Impact Study demonstrating that there would be no negative impacts on the significant natural features and areas or on their ecological functions.



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