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Progress to date impressive!

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Developments Since the Meeting July 31, 2014.

Many tasks have now been completed and still several others are in progress:

  1. We officially re-established the Victoria Point Ratepayers Association.

  2. We needed to and registered the VPRA as a non-profit incorporated organization.

  3. We have grown the full paid-up membership to over 150 households, with about that number again as Associate (non-voting) members.

  4. We have explored several fund raising ideas, the most recent one launched as our neighbourhood garage sale August 16th. We need to raise funds, so ideas can go to Sue Vodarek ( our Fundraising chair.

  5. Our Environmental research group has studied the various laws and regulations associated with this wetland designation. We have been asking for information and support from various Ministries, Associations, Authorities, and the Orillia city staff. We are becoming very educated in several laws, regulations, mandates and restrictions pertaining to our area.

  6. We launched the “Save Orillia Wetlands” initiative to spread awareness of the importance of wetlands. This involved; a. Logo for the association and a logo for the Save Orillia Wetlands initiative b. Produced 100 lawn signs for everyone to show their support ($10 fee to cover cost of production)

Save Orillia Wetlands Lawn sign
  1. We have created our own web site that can be used to disseminate useful information related to our cause. You can use the website to contact your association at any time. This web site is a constant work in progress.



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